Jihad Meaning in Quran – Jihadist Definition

Jihad – Meaning in Quran

First of all I want to make it clear to all my readers that Jihad meaning in Quran is not fighting. Fighting is referred as Qitaal, which is actually going to war against your opposition. So what does Jihad means? If you are from Urdu background you will know a word ” Jiddo Johad”. Yes Jihad means exactly that. When we say that a person is trying to get a job. He is actually doing Jihad. When we say a person works all day and night to feed his family, He is doing Jihad. And the best of Jihad is to stop yourself from bad things as mentioned in numerous Hadeeth that the Afzal Jihad is Jihad Bin Nafs. Meaning try to stop yourself from hurting others. Try your best to stay away from sins and evil habits. If a person is addicted to Alcohol and he is trying to stop just to please Allah, then he is doing Jihad, and also the one which is best of all.

So my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, stop thinking about Jihad like we have been told. Jihad is not what we think. we should clear this misconception. I would also urge my non muslim brothers and sisters that Jihad does not stand for fighting and do not think of Muslims as Jihadists. If we go by the literal meaning of Jihad then all Muslims and non Muslims are Jihadists as we all are struggling one way or the other in our lives. Some do this for their family, some do this for their parents and some even do this for their own good but still all of them will come under the definition of Jihad, which literally means to struggle.

So how did we got to this misleading concept of Jihad. Well It is because of us as Muslims. No one came from outside and told us the meaning of Jihad. We mis-interpret Quran and take out what we think is right. Many people thought that Jihad is similar to Qitaal. But they forgot that there are certain conditions if you are doing Qitaal. Like if there are people attacking Muslims from outside your own country, then you have to defend. Obviously any one will do this, right?

Similarly many other conditions of Qitaal and none of them says that just go out without any army and kill innocent people. This is stupid thinking and people who have this concept of Jihad in their mind, need to read and fully understand the Quran.

In Sura Nisa Ayat 77, Allah advises Prophet Mohammad Peace be upon Him and His fellow Muslims not to fight and stay away from problem with non Muslims. This was the time when Islam was a new born religion. If Jihad was what we understand it today, why Prophet was stopped to fight with non Muslims while all Sahabas were ready to die and fight in the path of Allah at that time.

Well use your common sense, It would have been a suicide. Muslims were very little in number at that time and although God would have helped them if they did, but if Allah want to do that He would have done it without those few men as well who were Muslims at that time. why would God need those few Muslims so he can do a Miracle? Think…?

We Muslims must use common sense as Islam is the religion of common sense and coincides with the laws of nature. If God wanted, every body would be a Muslim. Do not think that Jihad is fighting. If it is fighting or even close to it, it would be fighting with yourself not others.

Also Do not think Suicide is Jihad. Suicide is not even Halal in Islam. the same way as we do not eat Haram food, Suicide is also Haram. If it was Halaal or even good, God would have ordered the new Muslims to fight with non Muslims in their early days. After all who could have defeated those 15 or 20 men with whom God was standing side by side. But He did not do it as God want people to become muslim by truly recognizing Him from His creations.

Look around you, There are many things that will tell you that God does exist. Have you ever thought that the Sun and Moon has fixed orbits and they complete one rotation in their orbits in a fixed time. This has been happening for thousands and thousands of years now. Can we imagine something big like this happening own its own. We cannot think of a car that will stay on the road for long if you do not maintain it. But then we are willing to accept that our Universe which is so large and complicated is being run on its own without some one looking after it. A joke right?

God want people to recognize that he is the creator of everything and he is running the Universe on his own. He do not want to show Miracle to people so they can believe in Him. There are many Miracles around us which we do not see. Looking at one more, many people will think it is just a magic.

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  1. Okay… here’s my understanding of “jihad.”
    Jihad means ….. “righteous or holy war” — but war in the sense of to struggle or strive. It is therefore a battle to do the right thing. Whether that struggle is physical in the sense of real shooting military war, or psychological in the sense of striving to correct error within oneself, it is righteous or holy when the intention and desired result is right and has right.

    When jihad involves a single person struggling with him/her self there’s no outside input, concern or conflict and therefore no problem. It is when jihad becomes a battle between 2 opposing sides that conflict and problem arise because in all battles, each side sees itself as the side of right.

    The jihad ongoing in the Middle East today presents a particular and tragic dilemma for the Muslim today because…
    the idea of the caliphate is precious to Muslims but the methods being used to achieve this (stated) goal rightly horrify.

    For the infidel the matter is simple – he has no investment in the caliphate so he just gets to condemn it, but what of the Muslim? If he condemns the horror does he also by default condemn the idea – if he supports the idea of caliphate (which he must) does he then by default support the means being used to achieve it? If he tries to explain he supports the idea but not the means – he’s decried loudly for that “but” – for not condemning the slaughter of innocents absolutely and outright without any “but.”

    IMO, a truly tragic situation which is exacerbated by powers with unholy political agendas.

    1. I think this is why I wrote this article. We should never ever associate Jihad with battles or wars. If we talk in the context of Quran, It always refers to battles as Qitaal. So there is no need to associate Jihad with any kind of battle. This is not true and a misconception which most Muslims and Non Muslims have hard time to understand.

      1. In English, words have meanings – meanings that are set out in dictionaries.
        So Jihad is holy war as well as an internal/spiritual struggle and a martyr is person who suffers and dies for his principles not just any dead Muslim.

        Invest in one. It will serve you well.

        1. Jihad is not an English word. You can give Jihad any meaning you want and put it down in any Dictionary you want, It will still be written by Man. I am talking about Quran and Understanding its language. the one which is written by God of all. I have invested in Quran a lot and I know what I am talking about. Do not believe in Dictionaries, rather invest in Quran and see for yourself what is it saying. Jihad is not an English word. Associate it with anything you want then why do you blame Muslims for it. It is your fault or the man who wrote this Dictionary who did not know anything about Arabic.

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