Islamic Duas for Problems solving and Success

Today I want to discuss some Islamic Duas and supplications for problems solving and Achieving success in Life and Hereafter. There are many duas that we find in Quran and each and every single dua is for a specific occasion and for a specific need. Since our childhood we have heard many different prayers from our Prophets that we used to learn in Islamiat or Islamic studies. All these prayers are mentioned in Quran. I will be discussing each and every single one of these prayers and this is my first post of that series. The first Dua is from Sura Baqara ayat 201 and is taught to all Muslims.

Brief History and Tafseer:

The Background of this Dua is that Allah starts to Mention about Hajj and after advising Muslims about what to do and what to leave in Hajj, he advised Muslims to ask for Hasana not only in this world but ask for Hasana in hereafter as well. The Dua is read as as below.


Rabana atina Fiddunya Hasana wa fil Akhira Hasana wa qina azab ANaar.

It is actually advised not to ask Hasana for this world only like people used to ask in the time of Mohammad (peace be upon Him). This is a very powerful dua and I have heard from many scholars that if you want to ask anything from Allah but you do not have any words or you cannot think of any proper dua at the time your hands are raised, you need to recite this dua as it covers everything in this world and then every Hasana in Akhira as well.

What does Hasana Mean:

There are different opinions about what exactly Hasana means.
1) According to Hazrat Ali (ra) Hasana is a Pious wife.
2) According to Qataddah (ra) its Peaceful life and and existance and necessary livlihood.
3) Hasan Basri (ra) states its the knowledge of Islam and Prayer.
4) Suddi (ra) says Hasana means Lawful earnings.
5) Ibn e Umar explains Hasana as righteous children and goodwill of other human beings.
6) According to Jaffar (ra) Hasana means good health, Honest living and knowledge of Quran.

Masnoon Dua

This dua is Masnoon specially during Tawaaf and between Rukn Jamah and Rukn Aswad. Our beloved Prophet Peace be upon Him used to recite this dua very often. Once He saw a person who was very week and became like a bird hatching out from an egg. Rasulullah (Pbuh) asked him in astonishment that do you make dua to Allah. he replied that I always make dua to Allah that whatever punishment he will give me in Akhira, He can give me in this world. Our Prophet replied that he should not do that and rather ask for Hasana in this life as well as we are humans and cannot withstand God’s punishment either in this life or in the Herafter.

The above Actually tells us that this might be the best dua one can make as it has everything to ask for this world and the Akhirat.

Jazak Allah


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