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who made Isme Azam online calculator
Attiq – Isme Azam online

My name is Attiq Rahman and I live in Manchester, UK. I work as Infrastructure Support Engineer. Ilm ul Adaad (Numerology) and Ilm e Jaffar has always fascinated me. I have created many Mustahselas in excel and Isme Azam is one of them. I read many books regarding Ilm e Jaffar and started to save my knowledge in the form of a code so i never had to calculate them by hand. I spent a lot of time making isma azam and is one of the best ones in my collection.

I will be posting more codes like isma azam in my blog page. Please remember me in your duas and feel free to check my offers page here or sign up here to receive free Urdu Islamic Books weekly.